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Along the stormy and sometimes tragic history, positive relations to Jews and Judaism – redefined and called NEW PHILOSEMITISM by André Mozes in this book – also always existed; as witnessed by abundant historic, literary and other sources, and declarations of great thinkers, at their head Christian excellences, from St. Gregory the Great in the 6 th to St. John Paul II in the 20 th century. Recently the Catholic Church initiated (Nostra Aetate, at the Second Vatican Council, 1965), and consistently pursues, followed by Christendom as a whole, a full reconciliation process with Judaism and the Jews. ‘A Christian cannot be an Anti-Semite’, this Council declared. Christianity cannot be separated from Jesus of Nazareth, his land, language and people. As Pope Benedict XVI said, like a plant cannot be separated from its roots, Christianity is firmly tied to its origin of Judaism.
The complex Non-Jewish–Jewish inter-relationship is studied and presented by the author-editor and the co-authors of this book from plentiful intriguing angles, in
exceptionally multifaceted ways, pointing at our historic responsibility for our deeds. We must work devotedly for a culture of peace, sincere mutual love and solidarity. This book is an imposing milestone of this mission.

Cardinal Péter ERDŐ – Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest,
Primate of Hungary

This NEW PHILOSEMITISM PARADIGM of André MOZES is a both serious and entertaining book of scientific value about us, Jews, among the Nations. But it’s also a
practical Call for Action: its goal is to bring the moments of good coexistence – he calls ’New Philosemitism’ – from the silent backstage to the limelight of public discourse; thus promoting a culture of understanding, cooperation and friendship. We embrace this New Philosemitism approach – while honour our martyrs and vigilant against antisemitism forever. It’s time for living in friendships and stepping beyond our past dominant role as victims.

Dr. András Heisler – President of the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Hungary;
Vice President of the European Jewish Congress; VP of the World Jewish Congress

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