Our next central goal is to extend the Philosemitism concept, from Hungary to Poland and further East-Central European countries, by a series of national research projects and books, in their own languages.

We started to study, together with local universities and other institutions, the national and transnational history and present-future prospects of good coexistence of Non-Jews and Jews in this region, and are initiating similar projects and books in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Romania and more – where most of the Holocaust tragedy, but also most of the historic coexistence with Jews took place. The target is to research and to describe these countries’ Philo- past and prospects for a better future, and make it together with Holocaust remembrance and the true stories of life-savings part of their national self image. Our Hungarian Philosemitism project and book serve as pilot project for this wider program. An international conference is planned on the subject.

This English website www.philosemitism.com , its Hungarian predecessor www.filoszemitizmus.com and coming similar partner sites in further languages will be the Internet home of our international New Philosemitism Forum as well.       (EM)         

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