Co-Authors of the book

Contemporary Co-Authors of the book and their contributions:

         [in the order of their appearance in the book] 


closeportrait_l2011bEndre (Andre) Mozes:  Why do we speak about the Hungarian philosemitism?

Endre (Andre) Mozes: What is it, philosemitism, anyway?



Chapter 1: Episodes of Philosemitism in Hungary’s history:

E.Mozes: Editor’s Opening thesis to the philosemitic Historic Episodes Chapter

Dr. Samuel Kohn:  History of the Jews in Hungary

Komoróczy Géza

Komoróczy Géza

– From the earliest times until Mohács – Excerpts

István Bibó:  Jewish Question in Hungary after 1944 – Excerpts

János Gyurgyák:  The Jewish Question in Hungary – Excerpts

Komoróczy Géza: The History of the Jews in Hungary. I. – From the Middle Ages until 1849 – Selected Excerpts from the scope of philosemitism

Komoróczy Géza:  The History of the Jews in Hungary. II – Since 1849 up to the present – Selected excerpts from the scope of philosemitism

Chapter 2:  Philosemitism in Hungarian classical literature:

E.M.: Editor’s Opening thesis to the Chapter ‘Philosemitism in Hungarian classical literature’

        (**The list of 19 classical authors cited in this Chapter see down below)

Chapter 3:  Saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust:

E.M.: Editor’s Opening theses to the Chapter ‘Saving Jewish lives during the Holocaust’

List of  Hungarian Rescuers  of Jews, awarded the title “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem Institute (Jerusalem)

Komoróczy, Géza:  A History of the Jews in Hungary II. – Excerpts, extracts of the Rescuers of Jews Chapter

Markovits, Mária:  The forest of the rightous. Searching for the meaning of remembrance

Mózes, Endre:  Questions about the Jewish forced laborers in WWII, their life and death, their numbers and the number of survivors

Witness writings collected by Vera Egervári:
– Dr. István Verzár:  High school Abitur (leaving certificate) required
– Ede Solomon:  Ágnes
– The wood transporter (anonymus)

Enikő Bollobás speaks in the Örkény bookshop

Enikő Bollobás speaks about the book in the Örkény bookshop


E.Mozes: Editor’s Opening to BOOK II – Contemporary writings

Bollobás, Enikő:  „Two doors” – Rabbi Scheiber Sándor’s heritage


Csányi Vilmos

Csányi, Dora:  The dinner – How many identities do we have?

Vilmos Csányi:  Things like that only happen in Spain

Dr. Endre Czeizel:  About Hungarian Nobel Laureates’ origin, with lessons

Dr Czeizel Endre

Dr Czeizel Endre

Czékmán, Balázs:  Visiting Israel: Five Months of contradiction, Israel and Israeli Jews from Hungary, in a Hungarian scholar’s eyes

András Dauer:  The 40’s Party

Dr. Emil Feuerstein (Elza Kádár):  The friendship of Petőfi and Rózsavölgyi Mark

János Gadó:  The Dangers of Philosemitism

(LtoR) Hernádi Miklós, Karády Viktor, Kádár Elza, Nagy Péter Tibor, Czeizel Endre, Vekerdy Tamás, Mihályi Géza, Tóth Krisztina, Mózes Endre

(LtoR) Hernádi Miklós, Karády Viktor, Kádár Elza, Nagy Péter Tibor, Czeizel Endre, Vekerdy Tamás, Mihályi Géza, Tóth Krisztina, Mózes Endre

Hernádi, Miklós:  Gags from Budapest

Viktor Karády:  Gentle emotions and choosing common destiny in Hungarian Jewish-Christian marriages



Csaba Kocsis:  The place where the sky is still blue

Dr Andras KOVACS and MOZES at the Roundtable

Dr Andras KOVACS and MOZES

György Konrád:  Jewish-Hungarian exchange and reckoning

András Kovács:  Who likes the Jews?

Ferenc Kovács:  Mihály Vörösmarty’s Jewish Affairs and Petőfi’s diary

Nagy Peter Tibor, Vekerdy Tamas, Mihályi Geza, Mózes Endre, Müller Péter Sziámi a Centrál kávéházBan

Nagy Peter Tibor, Vekerdy Tamas, Mihályi Geza, Mózes Endre, Müller Péter Sziámi a Centrál kávéházBan

Mihályi, Géza:  My philosemitism

Mózes, Endre:  One-minute sketches about Hungarian philosemitism

Mózes, Endre :  Philosemitism in England, from Cromwell to Churchill

Peter Müller Siamese:  What is your idea of good anti-Semitism? (Or of good philo – which is the same)

Péter Tibor Nagy:  Students ready to marry Jews

Várszegi Asztrik

Várszegi Asztrik

Schweitzer József z"l

Schweitzer József

József Schweitzer:  Recommendation (ex-Chief Rabbi of Hungary, on the book cover)

István Tóth:  A walk in Ferencváros –  Letter from a history teacher to his student 45 years ago

Krisztina Toth: Jewish. Everyone is Jewish

Tóth Krisztina

Tóth Krisztina

Várszegi, Asztrik:  Recommendation (Bishop, First Abbot of the Pannonhalma Closter, on the book cover)

Végel, László:  Jews and minorities

Vekerdy, Tamás:  Together: Non-Jewish, Jewish, Slovakian, Swabian and other Hungarians



**The list of classical authors and their works cited:

King St. Stephan’s admonition – Acceptance of and care for Guests

Jókai, Mór:  I and the Jews

Táncsics, Mihály:  The “Jewish affair ‘

Arany, János:  The Eternal Jew

János Vajda:  Credo

Béla Széchenyi:  Jewish nation, Rothschild family

Eötvös, Károly:  A great trial which is going on for thousands of years and is not over yet – Foreword

Ady, Endre:  The stamped (stigmatized) army (marching crowd)

Ady, Endre:  A Jew’s pipe

Attila József:  SHMA Jisróel

Dezső Kosztolányi:  The exodus of Jews

Móricz, Zsigmond:  Confession of Hungarian Jewry

Lajos Kassák: Jewish tragedy

Illyés, Gyula:  Stamps of shame

Józsi Jenő (Eugene) Tersánszky:  The Will

Tersánszky, Józsi Jenő:  The Anti-Semite

István Tömörkény:  Wine picking

Thury, Zoltán:  The mill of the Rosen brothers

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