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In  Budapest, April 2018,  an agreement was reached on funding the translation of the book E. Mózes (ed.): “Ki szereti a zsidókat? A MAGYAR FILOSZEMITIZMUS” to English (“Who likes the Jews?  HUNGARIAN PHILOSEMITISM”). The translation work requires more than one specialized translators, among others because of the several classical pieces, even poems, quoted in the book.
The revision of the book and the changes necessary for the international target audience of an English edition have been completed. The English title isn’t final yet.

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20-23 April 2017: International Conference: Nations Under Genocide, at Pázmány Péter Catholic University of Sciences, Budapest,Hungary  

Mózes  was invited to the conference to present his novel coexistential philosemitism concept. His lecture: “Lessons from the Holocaust, Genocides and Philosemitism” and its main conclusion that in addition to preserving the memory of the Holocaust and other genocides the motives of coexistence and friendship should also be nurtured, won the support of the Rector of the University, Dr. Szabolcs Anzelm Szuromi, and raised a keen interest among the Kurdish, Armenian, Yezidi, and Middle Eastern Christian representatives in the conference.

(E. Mozes:“Lessons from the Holocaust, Genocides and Philosemitism”)
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